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Payment:  I will be happy to inform you of my current, regular fees for specific services when you contact me to schedule your initial consultation session.  I will also be happy to discuss a sliding-scale fee with you during your consultation sessions, if necessary.  If you will require a sliding-scale fee, you should be prepared to discuss the reasons for this requirement with me in detail.  I reserve the right to raise my fees periodically and with sufficient notice.  Payment for professional services is due upon receipt unless and until a monthly payment plan or other specific payment arrangement is mutually devised and agreed upon.


Insurance:  Please inform me of the name of your insurance company and any specific policy information prior to or during your initial consultation session.  Due to the great variety of insurance companies, plans, and associated billing policies, I generally do not bill insurance companies directly.  That said, upon receipt of your payment, I will be happy to provide you with a written statement outlining the dates and types of services provided.  You may then submit these statements to your insurance company directly for reimbursement purposes.

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